Whole Vehicle Type Approval – “Business as Usual”

Whole Vehicle Type Approval – “Business as Usual”

The Crane Centre Ltd have achieved our first NSSTA for the N3 category Scania 6 wheel rigid type, one of the first Body Builders/Crane Installers in the UK to do so.

This means that we are able to build vehicles to the specification contained within our VCA approval number and to issue a certificate of conformity (CoC) which allows the completed vehicle to be registered. This in turn means that the completed vehicle does not need to be taken to a VOSA test station for an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA). 

The approval covers the full range of front & rear mount FASSI cranes as well as flat, dropside & plant bodies.

Although the requirement for type approval does not become mandatory for the registration of N3 category vehicles until October 2014 we made the decision to invest early, and are currently working towards other approvals. Post October 2014 there is expected to be high demand for IVA inspections & with finite IVA test station resource available in the UK there are likely to be increased lead times for their services. 

By holding NSSTA for as many types as possible, The Crane Centre Ltd aim to maintain ‘business as usual’ as far as we can.