Fassi - Cranes without compromise

The first Fassi Crane was developed in 1965 by Mr. Franco Fassi. They are now one of the largest truck crane manufacturers in the world.

As others observed the efficiency and flexibility of the Fassi, demand for the product grew. Over 55 years later, Fassi’s innovative design has helped the company become the leading manufacturer in Italy, and one of the top three manufacturers in the world, producing over 9,500 cranes per year.

Fassi has developed the FSC “Fassi Stability Control” systems, available in different executions specifically designed for each crane type, in order to best satisfy Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and the application of harmonized technical standard EN 12999:2011 the integration of vehicle stability control in the safety function carried out by the lifting moment limiting device.

New technological opportunities, innovative spirit and regulatory drive are the main factors that represent the cornerstones of the Fassi stability control system. Compared to other systems, the Fassi FSC/S version introduces more sophisticated safety management: it carries out a double stabilisation check by verifying the position of the outriggers lateral extension supports and of the base tilting angle thanks to tilting sensor with double X/Y axis. As a whole, the system is highly versatile, and it always privileges and ensures the highest crane performances under conditions of total control. When a Fassi crane is sent out to the dealers and then to the end user, it starts a working life destined to last for a long time, over 70% of the cranes ever produced by Fassi are still in full-time operation.

With 60 different models and over 30,000 configurations available, you can be sure that Fassi has a crane to suit your requirements.

To meet the growing demand for the product in Britain, Fassi UK Ltd was set up in 1979. Since then the company has grown steadily and is now well established with a national network of approved Main Dealers and Service Points throughout the UK, who act as centres of excellence for Fassi products. A continuous training programme is in place across all main dealers & service points, ensuring that all engineers are kept up to date with the latest advances in Fassi crane technology.

As a subsidiary company of Fassi Gru Spa, FASSI UK’s focus is the sale and support of Fassi cranes, which means that when you work with us you are dealing directly with the factory.

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