John F Hunt Power have another new addition to their fleet in the shape on a FASSI F660RA.2.24, fitted to a Scania 8x2 Rigid, supplied by Keltruck Ltd.

This is the third of it's kind in their fleet and will service customers across the North East of England. Capable of lifting 14,000kg at just over 4m, the crane is ideally suited for lifting heavy generator sets & machinery.

With an installation at the rear of the chassis, the crane is ideally situated to allow large lifts close in to the vehicle.

The heavy duty, low level body which includes a bird view camera system, VBG  coupling, & Ultrasonic side scan system, making it FORS compliant was also installed by The Crane Centre and is covered by our NSSTA.

Fall prevention fitted on the body offers the operator safer access while on the deck of the truck on sites.